rubyxmermaid (rubyxmermaid) wrote in vaginapagina,

3 YIs in 4 months, oral sex to blame?

I recently found a love for oral sex for the first time in my life at age 25, but I think it may be causing my frequent YIs. I have a new partner since December and once the oral started so did the YIs. I never liked oral much in the past but now I receive it close to every day. I have had 3 yeast infections in four months! I treated the first with OTC monistat, second with homeopathic remedies and this time I am using Gentian Violet.

Does anyone else have trouble with oral sex causing yeast infections? Any tips to prevent it?

I treated my guy with a difulcan the first time around, and this time with the Gentian Violet. I had him do most of the same homeopathic remedies for the second YI. I don't think we are passing it back and forth, but maybe?

Also, maybe it's soap? My guy has a sensitive nose and since he is down there often he requested I clean myself with soap. I was really upset about this at first and showed him websites online saying this could cause problems... but I settled on washing it briefly on the labia only with dr bronners or trader joe's tea tree soap, nothing too chemically laden. Recently I have taken to using water and vinegar during my current infection.

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