Melodies (splitdevotion) wrote in vaginapagina,

Antibiotic effects on cycle and birth control recommendations

Okay, so I've finally gotten over the hurdles that were my "worst medical" month ever but now I'm worried that I may be pregnant. I've been pretty (actually make that extremely) active with my partner for about two months. During the first month, I had two UTIs, a yeast infection, and a BV infection. All of those were cleared up with four different antibiotics and two doses of anti-fungal medicine. My last period was March 28-April 2. Now, my period has always been pretty sketchy on regulating but I've been tracking it with an app for the last few months and it usually determines my start date within a day or two. The app predicted it to come on the 1st of May and I am now two days late. We've had three encounters without a condom but he didn't and wasn't even close to coming. I know there is a possibility of sperm being in a male's precome and its really freaking me out. I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it tested negative. I'm going to wait until Monday to see if my period come to take another and if it again tests negative and I still don't have my period for a week after that, I'm going to a Gyno.

I just wanted to know if anyone had any experiences of delayed periods after being on antifungals and antibiotics? I'm not ready to have a child mentally, physically, or financially so if I do end up being pregnant, I'm positive about going in for an abortion. I'm not currently on birth control but if I'm fortunate enough to not be pregnant this time, I definitely want to go on something. Recommendations? I'm not adverse to the shot but the whole side effects possibly remaining with me for three months makes me hesitant. However, the pill also has me kind of iffy since I tend to wake on my body's time, not the clock's. I can take a pill everyday since I've been taking cranberry pills as a preemptive strike against UTIs but I don't take them at the same time everyday. There lies my problem. Any suggestions?

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