concerned109 (concerned109) wrote in vaginapagina,

tea tree oil many/how long?

Hi all,

I have been trying to beat off a case of BV for some time now. I tried H202 douches for 10 days, which did not work (doctor confirmed it didn't). Then I tried these fancy vaginal probiotics which also did nothing. The only thing that seemed to help was the one time I used Tea Tree Oil in a douche. But I only used it once, got my period 3 days later and it was back. Obviously the one time wasn't enough and the other stuff didn't work.

What I'm doing now is Tea Tree Oil soak tampons (in an olive oil base). I did it once and it seemed to help and now I'm on my second. I leave it in for like 2 hours. How many times a day should I do this and for how long (how many days)? I can't seem to find the answer online.


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