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Evening primrose oil questions (mentions periods and anxiety)

Hello superstars!  About 8 weeks ago at the suggestion of my GP I started taking Evening Primrose Oil (EPO)capsules (1000mg) 1 capsule daily.  I have pretty bad anxiety, and possibly PMDD, and he thought that the EPO and my antidepressent together would be good.  Over all I think it has helped my overall mood/anxiety/ PMS and my skin is looking awesome-(bonus!) BUT I have noticed 3 things that are concerning me. The first being that my body odor is stronger.  Now I wear deoderant and all that, but at the end of the day I feel like I smell.  No one has said anything so it could be me noticing the new stronger odor, and my hubby says he cant tell anything.  Should I be concerned?  Secondly, though my periods are less painful  (and maybe shorter? )since starting the EPO, I have noticed more clots. Gross I know, but my periods are more syrupy and clotty.  Concerns?  And lastly I am concerned with the color of my period blood.  Its dark. NOT black, but like a black cherry's juice.    Concerns? If it matters I  am on Lutera birth control (for nearly 16 years-ugh!) CIS hetero female, married, fluid bonded and childfree. I have gained about 10 pounds in the last 6-8 months too.  Thanks Everyone! 
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