Digital Purgatory (joshuaorrizonte) wrote in vaginapagina,
Digital Purgatory

Signs of breast cancer?

Alright, VP, calm me down, please.

Recently (within the last 3 months) I've had an unexplained, ridiculously painful itching in my left breast. I assumed that my skin doesn't like my new dryer sheets; although I find it weird that it's so localized, lacking any other information, that's the most obvious answer. Second in line was that I bought new sports bras and thought maybe the material was irritating it. Occam's Razor and all that.

However, I saw an infographic on Tumblr that describes that kind of itching/pain as a sign of breast cancer. My Google-fu seems to confirm this, as well as naming clear discharge as a sign (check), swollen armpit lymph nodes (check, at times, and recently), and the breast swelling (I cannot tell if this is the case or not, as my left breast has always been significantly larger than the right, and as I identify as male, I try my hardest to not pay attention to my boobs).

Other vital things to note are that I'm 30 years old, that I do not have a family history of breast cancer (although I do have a family history of other cancers), and find the thought of seeing a gynecologist to be near-terrifying.

My current plan is to ignore it until my next appointment with my PCP with regards to a severe vitamin D deficiency, which will take place in June, at which point if my boob still hurts and itches, is leaking, so on and so forth, I'll ask him if this is alarming and see what happens. The thought has occurred to me, though, that if this IS alarming, it might not be a good idea to ignore it for two months.

What do you guys think? Cause for alarm, or am I good just assuming that it's my new dryer sheets or bra fabric?

Edited to add: I really, REALLY don't want to see the doctor more than I need to, due to past problems with being taken seriously by medical professionals of any field. I legitimately don't know if this is worth getting the courage worked up to go over yet.
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