The New Bubble Girl (banyangirl1832) wrote in vaginapagina,
The New Bubble Girl

Very little period while on Generesse?

Hiya superstars!

I've been on Generesse FE for nearly the past two years and I love it, but the past two months, my periods have been wonky -- last month was a little lighter than usual, and now this month I've got nearly nothing! Teeny weeny little bit of spotting, and I've been off the active pills since Sunday. All my usual period symptoms, though - bloat, headache, tiredness. Just no actual blood. I'm going to take a pregnancy test this weekend just to make sure it's not that (it would be really unlikely), but I'm not entirely surprised that Generesse has taken my periods away. I've been on other 24/4 style pills and eventually, I've stopped getting periods while on them. Has anyone else had this experience? And should I wait to start a new pack until I've gotten my period (or at least given it more time)? Thanks in advance!
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