satisfaction7 (satisfaction7) wrote in vaginapagina,

Gas (embarrassing!), new relationships

Hi vp,

I could really use some help!

(1) This is really embarrassing, but I'm hoping someone out here can help me. I have started having horribly foul gas. It has gone on for the last year or so. I don't feel particularly gassy, but what comes out is incredibly stinky. My doc recommended Align, a probiotic supplement. I've been on it a month and there might be some improvement but it's pretty bad still. I am in my 20s, eat pretty well, exercise, and generally think I take decent care of my body. I have tried removing things - milk, eggs, broccoli/cauliflower, oatmeal, etc, but I don't notice a difference. I haven't been incredibly methodical about it, so maybe this deserves some more effort, but I've definitely tried it.

I'm coming to vp both because I can trust vp for good and friendly advice and because this gas is the primary thing keeping me from allowing my new crush near my vagina! I don't want him spending the night because I frequently wake up in the morning disgusted. :( Please help!

(2) Speaking of new crushes and vaginas, I have recently started seeing someone who I trust and enjoy and with whom I would like to have a sexual relationship. But it's my first time (3rd sexual relationship) having sex without first being in love. As much as I really want to go ahead and start having sex with this guy, I'm also a little nervous about it! Does anyone have any advice on how to take care of myself emotionally? How to make sure I do right by myself?

Thank you so much vp!
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