sandersidle (sandersidle) wrote in vaginapagina,

Hi guys,

Sorry to keep posting but I'm freaking out. I've had watery prune juice coloured discharge for 2 weeks now. I had my period 3 days early on birth control and it has been mostly brown/prune juice coloured with a little bit of fresh red blood. A few days went by when everytime I wiped, it was brown with a piece of tissue. That has stopped however. The bleeding started about 15 days after I had sex. I have dull pain on my left side near my pelvis. It also hurts when I bare down to have a bowel movement (although this has happened to me on and off for years). These are all symptoms of ectopic pregnancy and I'm freaking out. I barely even had sex though, we used a condom (although he may have had pre-cum on his hands as he put it on) but we only did it for like 30 seconds and he didn't cum (we were interrupted). I'm also on birth control. What are the chances of an ectopic pregnancy? I'm freaking out and am tempted to buy a pregnancy test but at the same time I feel like it's so stupid because we barely had sex. But the discharge is not stopping. When I bare down as if I were going to the washroom, more discharge comes out and a lot comes when I have a bowel movement. What else could this be?! Please help.
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