Amanda (lemmecutyoudown) wrote in vaginapagina,

Mirena one year later... Ease my mind please?

Hey everyone. I've had my Mirena for a little over a year now and it hasn't exactly been smooth sailing.

First of all, my periods are wonky. For a while, it was just heavy spotting for five days or so and now it's a full blown period that lasts a week or longer. I thought it was supposed to get better? I also get intense cramps that only last a few seconds and awful pains on my left side near my hip. Also, after insertion, my strings were left long and after my month follow up they were cut pretty short. It seriously felt like a tiny spike coming out of my cervix. Now, I feel no strings at all and my cervix always feels open.

I tend to stress about this thing. My insurance covers nothing Mirena related (any idea when this will change?) and I've invested a lot of money in this thing. Not to mention I live in constant fear of getting pregnant. I tend to always think the worst. You know, oh it fell out or it's embedded or migrated to my kidney. I'm waaaaaaay over due for a pap, so I'll probably go to the gyn in the next few months or so, but has anyone had a similar situation or can offer some advice to ease my mind?

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