mesutry (mesutry) wrote in vaginapagina,

Pain after Sex

Hi all! I have been having an issue for a long while now and am hoping there are others here who have experienced this and have been able to soothe their raw-feeling bajingo...

I have been sexually active for several years, but in this past year, sex has become painful. I am in a committed relationship. Now, the act of sex is not very painful - it's the aftermath. I always feel really raw after sex, even if it is a short session and I was lubricated. Everything feels raw. I always go to the bathroom after sex, but that, too, is a painful experience: I do my stuff, then wipe and - ouch! It stings! The paper will sometimes have tiny blots of blood on it... It's uncomfortable to go to the bathroom and even sit for the whole day after!

Could I just have a dry vulva, at 24 years old? I drink lots of water because I get recurring UTIs and have taken natural approaches to preventing them, but it doesn't seem to be enough. I went to the doctor this past week and she said I looked very healthy, but was red and swollen in some spots near my vaginal opening. I tested negative for all sorts of vaginal/uterine infections: urinary, yeast, strep b, etc. and have tested negative for STDs. I just feel raw and tight and dry! No itch, no burn: just a raw feeling and that I lack any elasticity down there...

Is there a natural way to moisturize my vulva? Also, can anyone suggest a nice, all-natural lubricant for us to use? We use KY, but I think it may be part of what is causing the irritation. My doctor had no answers!
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