lbtvlover (lbtvlover) wrote in vaginapagina,

Inner Labia Redsores :[

The problem? Today I noticed I was sore... down there. Almost that feeling when you have way too much sex and little lube. Just sorta raw feeling. Well this time it hurt a little more than normal so I decided to take a little peek with a mirror. As I peeked around, I discovered little dark red spots, almost like sores. They are not necessarily itchy, just burn. I put neosporin on them, which eases the pain a little bit.

My first reaction? I have a disease. So I freak myself out doing research. But here's a little background on me. I just went on nuvaring a month ago, and heard that can cause yeast infections? Also, two weeks ago I was on amoxicillon antibiotics, and heard that will cause inner yeast infections? I've only been sexually active with one partner, and he is STI free. I've had the flu for the last few days.... not sure if that matters. They developed while I had the flu.
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