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Am I Estrogen-Dominant and/or Using Progesterone Cream Before Menopause

Hey y'all--

Do you have estrogen dominance? Have you used progesterone cream if you are not menopausal or perimenopausal?  What have your experiences been?

I've posted about this before and I apologize, but I'm feeling muddled again.  Health background: 35, nulliparous, long-term severe depression, hypothyroid. My thyroid levels are normal as of last month.  I take meds for the depression and hypothyroid along with a multivitamin, magnesium, calcium, Vitamin D, zinc, and fish oil (that last one helps so much with heavy periods, thanks for the advice!) My vitamin D and iron levels [including ferritin] are normal.  I also have a Mirena. I cannot take birth control pills because they exacerbate the depression.

Despite all of these meds and normal test results, I'm tired.  Really tired.  Tired like two weeks out of every menstrual cycle (usually between ovulation and period.) I also have persistent fat around my abdomen (despite a restricted diet and exercise) and very heavy periods. Recently a friend suggested that I might be estrogen-dominant, in the sense that I have the heavy (but very regular) periods, fatigue, hypothyroid, and weight issues.  I've been off of wheat for almost a year, and off of dairy for about six months. That helped with my monthly bloating and gas and I lost a little weight from it, but not much.  I eat almost ten servings of veggies, mostly greens, a day (let me tell you about the many ways to eat kale.  No.  Really.  Let me tell you.)  In short, I'm doing the things that are suggested for folks with estrogen-dominance. I'm also not 100% convinced I have it...or that it's actually a thing because there aren't a lot of studies to back it up.

I've read that I could use a progesterone cream to even out the estrogen. I'm not even sure that I have this order to get tested I'd have to petition my local sliding clinic as I don't have insurance and it doesn't fall into their usual catalog of screenings. I'd like to know thoughts on if it's worth getting tested and/or trying the cream and seeing what happens.   Thank you!!
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