mandy kat (amanda_hysinger) wrote in vaginapagina,
mandy kat

Could This Be A Yeast Infection Or Just Sensitive Irritation??

Hey, guys!!

It's becoming warm weather now and I have UTI's and Yeast Infections quite a lot. Eversince I was a baby, I've gotten irritated in my girly bits very easily. My mom even said that when I was a baby I was allergic to Pampers and she couldnt even use baby wipes on me because I'd break out and get a rash in my privates. I get Yeast Infections easy especially in the summer time and I sweat a lot (I'm a bigger girl) and eventho I try to wear loose cotton panties, I still sweat and get break outs..I've even gotten one on my thigh before..which I didnt even kno was a Yeast Infection until I went to the Gyno and he told me.

Anyway. I dont think wat I'm experiencing right now is a UTI because there is no burning when I pee or need to go frequently. Besides I went to the ER a couple weeks ago and they checked my urine because they thought I had kidney stones and they needed to do a CT soo they checked me out for a UTI and Pregnancy before they did the CT scan on me. Both came back negative. Me and my husband hadnt had sex for about 2wks (1 week bc of scheduling/work and week 2 bc of the ruptured ovarian cyst I suffered and then my period came right after it) soo Thursday night he fingered me and I noticed I was a lil sore down there but I didnt think much of it because I am soo sensitive in the first place. Then, Friday night our girlfriend was over and she checked me out and told me to get some cornstarch because I was very red down there, but she said she got irritated easy too and she just put cornstarch on herself and it healed right up. I tried cornstarch babypowder and it made it feel a lil better, but it was still irritated. My mom suggested vaseline but i dont like vaseline because it is super greasy and I hate being greasy especially down there and I think I read 1x it doesnt really help ya out much..

Ok, well Saturday nite our girlfriend spent the nite and we had sex (both vaginal and oral was done on me, oral by both of my partners) and it wasnt too painful just not as gr8 as it usually is. I am a lil worried I'm goin to pass it along to my partners but my husband and I have had sex before when I had a Yeast Infection (I didnt kno I had it at the time) and it didnt pass along to him. Soo I guess wat my question is this..Will the cornstarch and babypowder work or do I need to get some monistat cream?? I could go to the doctor without a problem if I need to. I've also started new meds, soo could that be a part of wat's goin on here?? I started Actos and I just finished my 3rd round of Progesterone (a week ago)..But nothing came up down there til Thursday nite after being fingered..soo we assumed it was from where I was dry..but now I'm pretty sure wat I have is a Yeast Infection or I've just been irritated by using feminine wipes..I didnt kno I was that sensitive down there soo I mean it could be from feminine wipes since I'm red all over (vagina to butt) and I wiped my behind a couple times just soo I'd feel "cleaner" and I think I've irritated myself. Soo wat do ya'll think?? Sorry soo long and detailed, I wanted ya'll to have the backstory on my UTI and Yeast Infection history.
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