shark_o_saurus (shark_o_saurus) wrote in vaginapagina,

On our tendency to introduce ourselves as cis-something

EDITED: My post was originally a summarized version of this: I've noticed a lot of the people here introduce themselves and their partners as "cis-male" and "cis-female". I've done it too. When included and not medically necessary, could this be perceived as a way of identifying as a "real" man or woman, implying that people who aren't cis-male or cis-female aren't "real" men or women?

After reading the responses (this got a lot more responses than I was expecting, which is awesome!), my sense is that 1) in this community, that information is often appropriate to include, 2) that if that sort of thing might occur, it probably wouldn't be in this community, and 3) that including cis- or trans- in front of a word may have the effect of normalizing that being woman/man doesn't automatically mean you have a particular set of organs. My social circle is reasonably good about that already, but I realize a lot of the world isn't like that. So maybe I'll stick with either not identifying a gender or using cis.

Feel free to join the discussion if you'd like! I wanted to modify it up here to more accurately reflect what I'm thinking right now in case any new readers come along.

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