run, jane, run! (disith) wrote in vaginapagina,
run, jane, run!

Delayed period?

Hi, all!

Just recently (March 26th), I began taking birth control. I take the 28-day Ortho-Cyclen. The first day I received my BC, I was instructed to take two pills THAT day and the next day in order to catch up with the pills I had not taken. From then on, I would just have to take one a day. I expected my period to come yesterday, but it didn't! Seeing as this is my first pack and my very first time taking birth control, I was wondering if a delayed period was normal? My partner and I used backup protection up until the 7th day/7th pill, and then afterward used a combination of both unprotected (no ejaculation, and if ejaculation was involved, he has ALWAYS switched to using a condom several moments before) and protected sex. I have been very consistent in taking my medication and have absolutely NO signs of pregnancy. In fact, besides the sore/tender breasts I'm accustomed to getting within a week before the start of my period, I feel absolutely fine! 
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