laurorax (laurorax) wrote in vaginapagina,

Weird Hormonal Symptoms

Hey all,
I've been creeping on this page for years and finally just created an account exclusively to post on this page. I am really worried by some strange symptoms I've had lately and am hoping for some advice.

The first thing I noticed was the hair loss (from my head). I'm not talking about the normal amount in the shower, but bunches and bunches everyday. This has been happening for the last couple of months. I'm worreid soon it will start to look like I'm balding.
Conversely, thick, coarse, black hairs showing up on my chin and a few on my chest (I'm naturally dark blonde). There are not many but it seems like more and more keep popping up.
Sudden very persistent acne on my face and chest. I've never been one to break out. Salicylic acid products help but do not make it go away fully.
Sudden VERY heavy periods. Soaking through Super tampons in an hour or two during the first couple of days.
Easy weight gain, hard weight loss.
Losing my voice on a regular basis (could be from my GERD).
Fingernails break very easily.

A little background on me- 25 year old female, overweight, been tested recently for blood sugar and that's come back normal, been tested for thyroid issues several times in my life and that's always been normal. My PCP suggested that I might have PCOS but didn't tell me any more than that.

Any help would be appreciated. What could this be? What kind of doctor should I go see? THANK YOU!
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