Meredith (fleckerbug) wrote in vaginapagina,

Am I pregnant, just dying, or what?

I saw an RE in November. She decided that I been misdiagnosed as having PCOS all these years and ater some discussion we decided I'd lose a little weight before we tried inducing ovulation (I'd done Clomid, she was going to try something else). I then magically ovulated and had a real period in December and January. I spoke to her stupid assistant who wouldn't let me talk to the doctor and didn't understand my concern. Don't get me wrong, I see how to other people suddenly ovulating might seem normal, but when I haven't had natural ovulation in TEN years and it happens two months in a row, my first reaction isn't "oh yay, this is normal". Anyway, so those two cycles combined with some previous forced clomid cycles have enabled me to identify ovulation pretty well (I have difficulty with cervical signs, but a very specific pain in my breasts is my biggest ovulation symptoms). That combined with EWCM and increased randiness has left me pretty accurate with identifying ovulation. I also realize those could be pregnancy symptom, though. Anyway, so I've felt like I was perhaps ovulating this last week. The past two days my nipples are super sore, darker, and hot, as per usual for me immediately post-ovulation. I was checking them out this morning, because the changes just fascinate me, and when I squeezed them a large drop of clear liquid leaked out of one of my nipples.. kinda reminded me of colostrum. I couldn't get it to do it again.

Anyway.. any advice? How concerned would you be over the nipple leakage? Does anyone else find the sudden ovulating really weird? I'm worried that it could point to a pituitary issue or some such, especially combined with the nipple leakage.

I have had some changes/additions to my meds. I'm on an antidepressant and an anxiolytic now, and have increased my thyroid med dosage. I was also on HBC from Jan-July of 2012, hoping coming off of it would induce ovulation (so that could have something to do with it... but 6 mo later...?). The RE refused to talk to me about it over the phone (I forgot to tell her that and thought it might be why my ovaries appeared clear to her). We've decided to postpone TTC for a little while and I will likely be finding a new RE, but am thinking of seeing my OBGYN over this, or perhaps just finding a regular endocrinologist.
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