.You...Can't...Fool...Me. (rocks_in_riots) wrote in vaginapagina,

Safe Sex Questions About Penises

Hello There,

I need advice.

My partner and I are both poly.

My partner and I both have vaginas. We are not fluid bonded. We use gloves on our hands, dental dams for oral, and condoms on our toys.

We are going to go get tested so we can be fluid bonded if all comes back as desired.

My issue is in sleeping with people with penises. We both sleep with people with penises.

Safer sex with penises to me means condoms for oral and sex, but I have two other concerns.

Is giving a handjob to a penis without a condom considered safe in terms of transmission of hpv (or anything else for that matter)? I am not sure a handjob with a latex glove (even with ALL the lube) would be comfortable on a penis. The only thing I can think of would be to wash hands after a handjob, or to put on latex gloves before touching yourself. How would you handle this?

What about herpes and testicles? Obviously testicles cannot be covered and are hitting you in your perineum/ass area. I'm assuming you can get herpes from them.

I want to be able to be fluid bonded with my partner, but these two things are freaking both of us out. I just want to find a way for both of us not to contract an STI, and or unknowingly pass it to another partner.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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