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Plan B, Mini Pill & Combined Pill in a single month and a potentially missed period

I am in a new relationship after having ended a 10 year relationship where I had always used condoms even while on the pill.  When the relationship ended I had not been on any sort of hormonal method for around four months. I had unprotected intercourse with my new partner March 9th and took Plan B the next day. I also started back onto the mini pill the day after I took plan B.

I did not trust the minipill, so I switched to a combined pill. I actually met with the midwife on the first day of my period, which was March 18th, a Monday. She told me to start the combined pill that evening at 7 (my normal time to take the pill I was already on) and then take another one at 7 am, and then I would be on schedule for Tuesday at 7 pm essentially making it a Sunday start. She also told me to use back up protection for the first two weeks.

I did not follow her directions on back up protection. I assumed coming off of the mini pill and having started my period the same day I began the new pill meant I was essentially a day one starter and would be protected immediately.

Now here I am on day 5 of the placebo pack with no period to be found. I had some very, very light spotting yesterday. I had sex the night before and I used an light tampon for the spotting. I think the majority of what was on the tampon was residual semen that was tinted pink from spotting. Today the spotting is so light that its sometimes there when I wipe but more often there is nothing at all. Certainly no where near enough for a pad or tampon. I have no cramps, nothing.

The rundown:
I had sex March 9th (the unprotected sex followed by Plan B and restarting the mini pill)
Again on the March 15th & 17th. Started my period on the 18th, switched methods of HBC.
Then on the 21st, 27th, 28th, 29th and 31st of March.

All of these were using the HBC as sole means of protection.

It goes on, but I know anything past that is probably unlikely to be why my "period" is late and would be too soon to test. Would it be a good idea to even bother with a test, or just sort of wait it out? I realize that I probably really threw my body for a loop between the Plan B, The minipill, and starting the combined pill. I guess I'm just wondering how likely pregnancy would be in this situation. I assume quite low?
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