countryturnip (countryturnip) wrote in vaginapagina,

External yeast infection

Hi all,

Long story short, I've been dealing with an external yeast infection for over a year.  I've done several courses of diflucan, as well as yogurt, lemon juice, tea tree oil, monistat, probiotics, you name it.  I'm currently using boric acid suppositories, and while they help with the itch, it comes back as soon as I'm done using them.  My gynecologist said that this kind can hang around longer than internal ones, so I'm looking for any support or advice.  It's sort of become my normal state of being, and I'm sick of it.

(When I saw my gyno a few months or so into the problem, he said that I had BV and a yeast infection, but that it wasn't such a big deal.  He gave me a prescription, but I [uncharacteristically!] didn't finish it.)

Thanks so much,
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