Melodies (splitdevotion) wrote in vaginapagina,

Anxiety over Itching

Hello again!

I was wondering if anyone knows about other possible causes for itching around the vaginal area other than yeast infection?

Last March was the most horrible month medically that I've ever had. I had gotten my first UTI, second UTI not more than two weeks later, BV from the Cipro I had take (the doctor said it was from the killing of my good bacteria), and a yeast infection when I wasn't even close to being down with my antibiotics.

Now, it's been perhaps two to three weeks since I finished all my pills, but since then I've been feeling an annoying itch that comes and goes. The itch has become more frequent as of late and I've noticed that ever since the last UTI, I've been going to the rest room more often but I'm sincerely hoping that's because I've switched from sugary drinks to mostly water (and I've been drinking plenty of it). It's really weird that the need to go is most prominent when I'm hungry - I've taken to eating if I still feel the need to go after peeing because the feeling generally subsides if not disappears. I've also notice that around my pelvis (not down the center but slightly to the left) that I sometimes get a sharp and quick pinprick of pain.

I've been to the doctor's (a pediatrician but I'm sincerely wishing that I can go to a gyno next time) and done a urine test and a wet prep. Urine test came back and said I had some HGB (blood I think?) and the wet prep went off for a few epithelial cells, white and red blood cells, and a trace amount of bacteria.

The doctor said everything looked normal down there but itching and peeing frequently isn't normal for me. She said that I'll just have to wait for the urine culture to come back to see if there is something wrong though she did give me a dose of fluconazole just in case they missed any yeast.

I'm really worried and would like some advice or peace of mind from someone.
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