teenagehate2 (teenagehate2) wrote in vaginapagina,

another mini pill question

Hi all!
I should have asked this the first time I posted, but it slipped my mind. So I recently was forced to switch from the combo pill to the mini pill. I finished my pack of combo pills (inactive pills and all) and started the mini pills immediatly following that. That was on a Sunday when I started the pack, and I did have sex on the Monday. They weren't really clear on how long it takes the pills to "go into effect" after switching. Was I protected? I'm asking because about 8 days after the sex, I had some weird pinkish blood in my discharge. A week after that (right now) I have this annoying coffee colored discharge that has been appearing like every other time I wipe. My period is due in exactly a week, and I've never had spotting before except maybe a few hours prior to my period starting. I've also been breaking out which is weird because I NEVER get pimples, and I've found myself eating a lot more and slightly nasueated a lot by things that don't normally make my stomach turn like cigarette smoke.

Thanks! Xoxo
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