Jesi Leigh (pyraterose) wrote in vaginapagina,
Jesi Leigh

Periods after baby

I am currently 3 months postpartum with my first baby and am bracing myself for my first period in over a year. I am not positive it's coming yet and I'm crossing my fingers that it won't for awhile. But since I'm exclusively pumping and not breastfeeding (since the turd won't latch and instead thinks my boobs are satan in person--screaming anytime they come near her and chomping down on them when I try to latch her :/ ) I'm worried my period will come sooner than it would have if I was breastfeeding instead of pumping.

Also I've heard a myriad of tales about periods being better and worse after baby. My periods have been so horrendous my whole life that I was apparently in labor and contracting for almost 24 hours without realizing it because the contractions just felt like mild (to me) period cramps! I've been on prescription pain meds for them since age 15--most recently tylenol 3 with codeine. I'm starting to feel some serious anxiety about aunt flo coming back because I couldn't function *at all* during my period before. There were times I couldn't leave the bathroom floor because I was in so much pain, even with the meds. I don't have the option of not functioning now that I have my sweet baby girl depending on me. And while my husband is a Godsend, I can't expect him to skip work to stay home and take care of me and her, you know?

So I was just wondering if I could get some personal anecdotes on a) when your periods came back after baby b) were you pumping/bf'ing or not and c) were your periods better or worse after baby?
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