Abbey (place_to_hide) wrote in vaginapagina,

discharge and other symptoms

I had discharge after my period ended (last Tuesday). It was thin slimy stuff. I'd pee and see it once when I cleaned myself up. It would happen once or twice a day. A few times, it kind of looked light brown - kind of. Like a orange-y color. I guess. Sunday(yesterday  Apr. 7th)  there was just a thin small rope that was light, light brown -ish.  The most I saw from the discharge was Saturday afternoon, where I kept cleaning myself up and saw discharge. But I don't believe it looked cottage cheese-like.  I never smelled the discharge. I haven't had discharge since after Sunday morning. On Sunday evening, I felt hot almost all over, including my vagina. Kinda feels like burning. But I also feel hot in other places than my vagina. Like I'll feel under my boobs and they feel hot. Other parts of my body feel hot/warm. No itching. I'm not sexually active. I'm on Triprivifem.

I called my doctor's office this morning. They said it sounded like my discharge was normal.
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