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Vaginal discharge

Hey everyone,
I haven't posted in so long, but I'm still lurking :)..

I had a sebaceous cyst on my face, so the doctor put me on minocycline twice a day for thirty days (I think it's 25mg, maybe 50mg). I got a yeast infection at about day 10. Took diflucan (the canestan oral kind) and it seemed to go away, but I knew that it would come back considering I had another 20 days or so on the antibiotics.  I've continued with the cream and had more yeast symptoms, so I took another diflucan. Now the symptoms are back again as of last night (I only have a couple days left of the antibiotics, so I'm doing what no one should EVER do, and stopping taking the antibiotics!!!) but I haven't taken anything, only still using the cream.

Now, that's not a huge issue all in itself, but I have vaginal discharge that I've never had before with a yeast infection, so I'm not sure what's going on!  The discharge is clearish white, but more clear. There's no odour whatsoever. And it's like pure water (my pants are literally wet on the outside!) It started Friday and was kind of stringy, like during ovulation but more so than normal (when I'd pull down my underwear, the discharge would be stuck to my underwear and my opening and then like, slingshot to one or the other, lol hahaha).

But... I'm not ovulating!!! My period is 11 days late!!! Pregnancy test: negative. I have a flexi-t IUD.

What do you guys think? Is any of this related? Is the out of control fungal infection causing my period to be non-existant?  I have the period tracker app and I usually start my period a couple days early (woe is me for having a short cycle) and so the 11 days late, is actually probably like 15 days late in my cycle.

Any input is appreciated!

Thank you everyone! <3
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