Mega awesome (meganmila) wrote in vaginapagina,
Mega awesome

Free birth control?

So I been meaning to ask this, I've been getting my BC pills for free that past few times. I'm not used to it cause it used to be 5 bucks. I'm just wondering if anything has changed or what? Anybody else get theirs with no charge? Mine is Loryna, if anyone else takes it.

I'm not really complaining I'm just wondering.

Silly question hahaha, but just because something is free it would work as good as the expensive stuff right? I don't know if mine is generic or not. I thought it was for Yaz but I don't think so.

Edit:I did just look it up and of course I saw a horror/bad story. Weird, that I don't really have problems with it. No mood changes or anything.
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