relight_it (relight_it) wrote in vaginapagina,

Small bumps on vulva

I noticed a smattering of small faintly red bumps (about six) on my vulva on Saturday morning, two days ago. I shaved down there twice last week, probably too close together, and have been having lots of sex with my cis-male partner after months of no sex whatsoever. I've also moved in the last two weeks from a moist climate to a dry, cold climate.

The bumps don't hurt (at all) or itch. There is no rash or redness around them. They are faintly red, already starting to fade back into my skin after two days. Two bumps have dry skin around them. They are not blisters. It's possible that they are the product of razor burn plus chafed skin from wearing new panties.

I know no one but a doctor can answer my fear that this may be an initial herpes outbreak (I've been panicking for two days), but it seems almost too uninteresting (no pain, no blisters, no sores) to be something so serious.

I feel like this has never happened before, but I only noticed by chance when my finger bumped against one of the bumps and I pulled out a mirror, which I never do, so it's possible the only thing out of the ordinary is that I noticed.

Thanks for any input you can provide. 
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