ladydelaidra (ladydelaidra) wrote in vaginapagina,

Did I have a miscarriage?

So, my husband and I have been using the pull out method for the past 2 months and before then we always used condoms. My previous two periods came and went on time with no out of the usual symptoms and I've been fairly regular for the past 2 years. My most recent period started on the 2nd of April, which was 1 day late, but I wasn't too worried. I usually get a minor headache the day before I start and this time I was cramping and fighting a more painful headache than normal. I cramped quite badly and was headache-y for the first 2-3 days of my period. I also noticed that it seemed heavier and I was passing larger clots than normal. Two nights ago, I was in the bathroom at the mall and I noticed a small whiteish-pink clot along with one of the largest blood clots I've ever passed. The whiteish clot was not even the size of a Tylenol and I've passed nothing else like it before or since. My period has continued like normal after that and the cramping/headaches have stopped. I feel completely normal. I haven't taken any pregnancy tests, as I didn't think I was exhibiting any symptoms other than my normal PMS. I also haven't been to see my doctor. But now I've been wondering~ Could I have miscarried? Or is this totally normal and I'm just getting myself worked up for no reason?

Thanks in advance for any and all replies. <3

Edit: Thanks again for the replies! I'm gonna test tomorrow and go from there~

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