relight_it (relight_it) wrote in vaginapagina,

Razor bumps or something more concerning?

This morning, I found a collection of faintly red bumps on my vulva and three on the inside of my butt cheeks and I am feeling pretty freaked out.

They are very small and look like they could be irritated by shaving (I've shaved twice this week--usually only once every week or two... but a few are too far down, where I don't shave, though in a place that's chafed by panties). But they could be an STI/STD. My partner and I reunited last week and, while he says he's practiced safe sex only with other partners when we were not together and was recently tested (though not for herpes), I can't rule out the possibility that it's an STD or STI I've contracted from him. They are sensitive when I touch them, but don't hurt or itch. They don't look like blisters at this point - more like little bumps.  
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