lilly4supper (lilly4supper) wrote in vaginapagina,

Need some advice

I need some advice about my step daughter. I will put it behind a cut because it deals with sexual abuse.

My 7 year step-daughter came to us yesterday and let us know that when she slept over at her grandparents house and while she was sleeping her grandfather put his hand in her pants. She told us she woke up and pulled away from him then she went back to sleep. Our fear is that something more may have happened to her. She is a very heavy sleeper so we dont know if more could have happened that she just realize. She doesn't remember anything else and she told us the very next day after it happened. We are very proud of her for telling us. Now we are at a lose of how to handle it. We want to get her the right help so she can understand she didn't do anything wrong. At this point in time she is thinking it was her fault that her grandfather touched her. We want her to understand that she didn't do anything wrong and that her grandfather is to blame. We also know we need to report it to someone we just don't know who. We are at a lose of what to do. Any advice you could give me would be really helpful.

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