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Diva Cups and Suction and OWIE

This is my third wonderful cycle with the wonderful Diva cup! I have some minor problems/questions, however, about insertion and removal for the experienced users or researchers :P

1) I can't seem to rotate the cup smoothly 360 degress when inserting... so I just rotate what I can and leave it be. No leaks... is this ok?

2) It seems to naturally slide up and feel most comfortable closer to my cervix? Is THIS ok?

3) When I remove it, I bear down with a lot of force to grab the base. I pinch the base, and pull. As I pull it closer to the opening I begin to get a sharp pain, so I angle it to desperately try and allow a little air entry... whiiiich HURTS. Not enough to stop, but enough to cringe.

The whole time I'm pinching and wiggling, it seems to just gain more suction from me squeezing out the air from pinching! Finally at the last moment the rim meets the surface and POP OW OMG GEEZE then it's out. And after the inside of my vagina is a little sore :( Is this causing any lasting/prolapse-ey damage to my vagina? (I've also tried sliding a finger up beside the cup to break the seal... hurts...)

I've noticed when I check the seal by going around the rim with my finger that it's good and sealed... but the cup is held in a sort of square shape. Maybe I'm a little too small on the inside as of now for this to all work smoothly?? I'm super loyal to this little thing because of the freedom I get... but not if I'm hurting my poor cervix. I love my vagina too much to damage it xD

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