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Brown blood/discharge after sex

Hi again, you guys are awesome, always have to say that. This is becomming a regular haunt for me considering I'm endlessly having troubles, was easier when I wasn't sexually active I have to say! I've tried googling this but answers all very confusing and can't find much in the tags here.

So I finally was able to have penetrative sex yay, if anyone rememebers my previous post was having difficulty with pain and actually getting there but it happened, think it was a stress thing cause I just relaxed a lot and took it really slow and kept pausing to breathe and stuff, mixed with i'm thinking a hymen thing because I bled quite a lot. Now after that I bled a bit next day which I kinda felt maybe normal? Seemed it. Anyway so that was a couple weeks ago.

Had sex again at weekend, stupidly unprotected sex, though I am on the pill and I do (or I did at the time :/ there's been some issues since) trust my partner. Since then I've had brown discharge, not tons but every day every time I wipe theres a bit, and the odd like proper amount, a bit like at the end of a period. I'm on the pill, got one week before my gap week when my period is due so shouldn't be that. Info online varies for it being normal, it being to do with pregnancy or it being some kind of sti. I'm kinda freaking out a little. I want to get sti tested and stuff anyway, but I have like a crazy few weeks with work and some other things and I don't know if this is more an urgent thing and I need to rush to get checked out, or if it's likely normal and I can wait the next few weeks when it'll be easier to get checked out for me. Do I need to do a pregnancy test, that seems bizarre as I'm on the pill?

I don't know if it's relevent but I had my smear test  couple weeks ago and I had abnormal cell changes or whatever it is on it, however they checked me for HPV which is what causes them and I don't have that, so they say my risk is low and I don't need to get checked again until my next smear in two years (I still don't fully understand this as I don't know why I have the cells if I don't have HPV and not sure if I should be pressing for more info). Don't think it's relvent but could be.

I just kinda want to know if I should be worried about this brown blood, I am, and I will get myself to a clinic I guess but not sure if it should be urgently or not. I'll be grateful for any imput thank you.
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