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can garlic worsen a yeast infection?

Hello, all!

Some background: Late Saturday night/early Sunday morning I had some rather vigorous PIV sex with my fwb after not seeing each other for a few weeks and after me being out and about the whole day on Saturday without a chance to clean up a bit. The next morning (Monday) I got a Brazilian wax and didn't have a chance to shower for a few hours afterward, though I did use some unscented wipes before leaving the waxing place. Cut to Tuesday morning, my discharge feels a teensy bit itchy or burning, but I'm thinking it's just a combination of a dietary change (I stopped eating meat for about a week and a half and then had a burger on Monday and who knows, maybe my body was being sensitive to that) and at a certain point in my cycle my discharge gets a bit acidy, and I just had that wax and I had sex for the first time in a while, etc., so I'm thinking it's just a combination of those causing irritation and slap some Target-brand vagisil on my vulva and call it a day.

Wednesday, I put the vagicaine on again but by evening the itching is starting to get uncomfortable and I'm starting to suspect it's the early signs of a YI, though I can't be sure because it's been a few years since I had one. So, I decided to try out a garlic clove wrapped in gauze as I'd seen recommended on here as a precaution. I peeled the clove and accidentally nicked it a few times in the process which I read can actually be more beneficial, inserted it, put on some more cream externally, and went to bed. When I woke up this morning to take it out I was feeling quite a bit MORE itchy and along with the clove of garlic, out of me came... the clumpy thick itchy discharge of a yeastie! What!! I showered immediately, plenty of water and I lathered my hands up with some safeguard soap to clean off my vulva.

So my question is... can garlic WORSEN a yeast infection? Or even outright cause it? I wasn't sure I had one until I saw the discharge but I figured, since garlic is natural, it can't hurt to try it out as a preventative measure. I should add, aside from the mild discharge discomfort, I wasn't super itchy or red or irritated until after I removed the garlic and now the itching is at it's worst so far and everything is angry red :(

And further questions: I also have 3% hydrogen peroxide in my cabinet and was wondering if diluting it and soaking a tampon to insert for 15 minutes can be done so soon after a garlic treatment? I can even get my hands on gentian violet this afternoon and try that treatment, although I've heard it takes up to a week for the purple staining to disappear and I'd rather not deal with that kind of mess.

If anyone has any experience with any of those remedies or has a similar story or can see where I went wrong with the garlic, I'd love to hear about it.

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