Catie (offprint) wrote in vaginapagina,

Terrified that BV has returned right before reunion with BF

A few weeks ago my gyno diagnosed me with BV. The only symptom I noticed seemed to be the odor - a very strong, pungent smell that soaked through my clothes and seemed to lurk in the air around me. Not "fishy", per say...more like the smell of bleach? I also had a good deal of discharge (I had always just thought I was very wet, but now I'm seeing that's not the case).

Anyway, she sent me home with metrogel, which I used for the full 5 days. This seemed to clear everything up - the smell was completely gone and I had little-to-no discharge.

Last night I used some lube, which I'm now thinking might have caused the whole ordeal to begin with (I realized afterward that it has glycerin in it, which is a nono?). This morning, the smell of ammonia has returned, though its nowhere near as strong, and there's more discharge. I'm worried that the lube has brought the infection back. I only used the tiniest bit of lube, so I don't even know if that's possible. I have a ton of metrogel left (which the gyno had mentioned I would). Should I use another dose, just in case? If so, how many days should I use it for? Just one? Another 5?

I'm meeting my boyfriend on his leave from deployment in May, so I'm very anxious to make sure this is a non-issue by then. I'd hate for our first time having sex in 6 months to have any accompanying odor O_O.

Any advice would be so wonderful!
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