sarah. (x_____infinite) wrote in vaginapagina,

Will my period come!? Help!


I really need some of your words of wisdom. I always run 2 packs of pill together (mercilon, the combined pill) to skip a period and then have a break after 2 packs.

I've been doing that this month as usual and I'm 9 pills into my second pack... I just went to take my pill at my regular time there and noticed that I missed Tuesday's (yesterday).. which would have been the 10th pill of my second pack!! So that pill is now completely missed by 24 hours. I took today's pill at the normal time there.

Usually I'd just put it down to bad luck and suck it up and just start my break since I'd missed one but trouble is I'm going on holiday for 4 days on Monday and REALLY REALLY REALLY do no want my period, it would completely ruin it. Now I'm worrying that even though I have taken today's pill that yesterday's completely missed one will make my period come regardless!? Does anyone have any idea what I can expect? Should I just continue taking them to the end of this pack and I'll still avoid my period? I'm really worried :( Now I'm thinking I should have just left today's, cut out any uncertainty and hoped my period would be nearing the end by Monday but too late now.

I've been taking the pill for 5 years and have never ever missed a pill - at most been a few hours late. So annoyed at myself! Especially since I was just sat at home all night!

Words of advice are really appreciated.
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