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Pregnancy and Clotting

Before anyone asks - I do have an appointment with my OBGyn today in the afternoon (lol)

But I'd like some peace of mind if at all possible -

I'm about 6 weeks 3 days pregnant and the past couple of days I've had some rough bowel movements. After the first major movement I felt okay afterwards if a little bloated. But last night it kept feeling like lava was coming out and the stool varied between hard as rocks and soft like mucus. Not long after my first movement last night I started spotting pink.

But later on in the night I kept feeling like I had to pass stool and it was all thin and mucus-y, the pains with it then felt like period cramps and the blood went from pink to red-orange and I started seeing blood in the toilet. I put on a pad and went to bed.

I woke up this morning to bad cramping, almost identical to my period cramps. There was a bit of blood in the pad but not as much as a normal period for me. But the cramping is painful and comes and goes. The cause for concern I have right now is when I used the restroom this morning I passed a fairly thin red clot between an inch and two inches. (I really hope that wasn't my baby.)

The Doctor said I could take Tylenol to ease the pain until the appointment which I did and it's helped ease the cramps some. I'm hoping that there are other things it could be other than miscarriage or something equally bad? Is there a chance my baby is still okay?

Update: Got back from the OBGyn. They used the machine with the wand that checks from inside the vagina and said he didn't see anything - no sac, or anything. However he did also tell me their math was wrong initially and I'm probably way earlier along than they previously said, given what my blood test results were stating. (The first two tests aside from saying I was pregnant didn't show any increase or decrease, but then the third one showed a major increase.) So it may still be too early and it might just be my body getting rid of excess tissue. They took another blood test and he said if the levels are still rising there's probably still a baby in there. But if not then I lost it. :(

Please cross your fingers! I'm praying for good news when they get the results in the morning!
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