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Fibroid Surgery

Hello VPers,

I had been having horrible bleeding and clotting for the past 50 days. I finally had an internal/external ultrasound done, and I have fibroids. I have two the size of kumquats, and one the size of a tennis ball. I am now on very high doses of BC, and they have finally stopped my bleeding. The doctor is telling me I will need to surgically deal with my fibroids. I agree, because I don't want to be on this high a dose of birth control, and they are creating a lot of pressure in my abdomen.

For those of you who have had fibroid surgery, I want to know...

-Did you have large fibroid(s)?
-What surgical procedure did you have?
-Could you describe the pain afterwards?
-What was your healing like?
-How long was it until you were able to go back to work/life/school etc?
-Did you have a recurrence of your fibroids after surgery.

I am not looking for advice, just actual life experiences with fibroid surgery. This has been so hard to find on the internet.

Thanks so much,
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