wetone_ab (wetone_ab) wrote in vaginapagina,

Squirting and the Wetspot

OK, first of all, hello from a new user! I started squirting about 2 years ago and it is an almost "every time" thing with me during penetration. I can stop it but it's not as much fun, to not "just let go". We always put a towel or two down but sometimes isn't enough. We were at a "sex" trade show here in Alberta and we saw a waterproof sex blanket. Their slogan was "Now no one has to sleep on the wetspot". My husband gave me a big poke and laughed when we saw that! lol They had a water fountain running in one of the blankets so it SEEMED to be waterproof.
We didn't get one there but I keep thinking about it especially with all the extra towels I wash. Has anyone used or bought one of these? How has it stood up? The company was NoMoreWetSpot.com

Thanks in advance!
Tags: female-ejaculation
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