bushisgonein08 (bushisgonein08) wrote in vaginapagina,

sddsdkjdsdlkjfds! period or pregnancy? what is wrong with my body??!

okay, so last month I posted about my messed up cycle and how I wasn't sure if it was pregnancy or a period. in February, my period started on the 13th. it was extremely heavy and painful. it lasted a week and was over. then I started bleeding again on February 27th. I wasn't sure if it was implantation bleeding(though extremely early for implantation considering I should have just ovulated) or ovulation bleeding..or just a weird early period due to not ovulating, though I was sure I ovulated..watched discharge and whatnot. I ended up going to see a doctor after my bleeding lasted for 8 days. they did a blood test to see if I was pregnant, as well as an exam..said everything felt fine, she didn't feel any cysts or anything..the blood test came back negative. 28 days from February 27th was March 27th, yesterday. Period didn't start. instead, this afternoon I started mildly cramping..and noticed a light pink blood spot when I wiped two different times today..put on a panty liner to see if I was starting my period..and no blood has hit the panty liner. my cramping is still mild..nothing unbearably painful. If I am pregnant, I think that it would be from February. my boyfriend and I have had sex this past month, however he has pulled out(I know that it is still possible to get pregnant) whereas in February, he didn't pull out. My first question is..how early can pregnancy be detected in a blood test? since I went to the doctor around March 5th and they did a blood test, does that for sure mean that I did not conceive during my odd bleeding month? I know I should just test already, but im waiting to see if I start bleeding more or anything like that. these past few days I have been extremely nauseous and have even thrown up a few times. Add my crazy emotional outbreaks(which could also be due to PMS) and my sore breasts(which could be due to PMS as well)..im at a loss as to what in the world is wrong with my body!
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