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Condoms for oral sex and STI testing

Hello everyone! I'm a 25yo cis-female and I just recently started having sex with a cis-male friend. Being quite new to sex, I have a few questions about condoms and STIs:

1. Does a condom box have to say if it contains spermicide? The condoms I bought don't say they have it, but is there any way to be sure? Also, is it safe to use a spermicide condom for oral sex or will it make me sick?

2. What gives flavored condoms their flavor? My tummy is pretty sensitive to fructose and most fake sugars so I'd rather find some condoms that don't have either of those. Are there any flavors that are tastier than others or any disgusting flavors I should avoid?

3. I've already had unprotected oral sex with him three times (me going down on him twice and him going down on me once, if that matters) but because I'm a worrier, I've started to worry about contracting STIs this way because we're not monogamous. Before we started hooking up, he told me that he'd recently been tested and was STI-free and that he'd only had sex with one person since being tested, which was why I was comfortable not using a condom for oral sex. We’re not really interested in being monogamous with each other (it’s a pretty casual thing) so I don’t expect him to stop having sex with other people if he wants to (and the same goes for me if I want to have sex with other people). But, if he’s not having sex with other people, then I wouldn’t have a problem going down on him without a condom.

Are there any good ways to broach this subject with him? I'm a little shy about asking him about it because he doesn't seem to really like condoms; the one time we had PIV sex we did use a condom, but he couldn't maintain his erection because he said the sensation was just too different. Additionally, I really like going down on him without a condom, but I also really don't want an STI.

4. Until he and I started hooking up, I had absolutely zero sexual experience, so I'm not really worried about giving him anything at this point, but because we did have unprotected oral sex, when should I start getting tested regularly? I've heard that every six months is recommended, but what if I have a new partner or multiple new partners within that six months? Should I get tested for every partner?

Last thing: I have Nexplanon to prevent pregnancy, so they condoms are only for STI protection.

Thanks for all your help! It's nice to be able to have somewhere to go with these questions!
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