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Fishy semen?

Hey VagPag! The question I'm going to ask doesn't exactly relate to vaginas, but since all the medical communities on LJ are almost dead I hope it'll be okay.
I've been dealing with BV every other month or so for about a year. This month I got BV from having my period again, so my husband and I had to abstain from PIV til I was done with treatment. We were fooling around and he came all over me. When I was in the shower cleaning up, I noticed that his semen smells fishy. In fact, it smelled exactly the discharge I get when I have BV.
First of all, is this normal? Neither of us have any STDs. I've read in a few places that it is, but the websites seemed a little sketchy.
Second of all, this leads me to believe that I don't have as much of an issue with BV as I originally thought. I mean, obviously if his semen smells fishy then of course my vag is going to smell fishy after sex.
His dr told him that guys can't catch BV and that he doesn't have a UTI. But his family dr isn't exactly trustworthy and I have heard of guys catching yeasties.
Thanx in advance for the advice!

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