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I've been on Tri-Previfem birth control for 4 months (soon to be 5 months). I just started the last week in the pack. I've noticed little spotting. It's pretty light bleeding. Like almost pale / light bleeding.I didn't see it until I was really trying clean up.  I didn't notice that's what it was before  when I've gone to the bathroom the last few days. I thought my pee was just a little dark. I also thought maybe I was being too rough with cleaning up. It hasn't been happening every time I've peed the last few days.

Last Monday, when I was on second to last week, I had to take it late because I was at a concert. So I didn't take the pill until about 10minutes to mid-night.

I usually take my birth control at 9:30pm.

Also I'm not sexually active.
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