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UTI still here? Or possibly a new one. So sad...

I've been on several different antibiotics for the last few weeks.
About the beginning of March, I was diagnosed with my first UTI from an E.coli strain and was given Bactrim for three days. About two weeks later, I had another UTI, this time, finding both E.coli and Alpha Hemolytic Streppochotus (pretty sure it's not spelled all too correctly).

Before they got the grown cultures back, they knew I had a UTI so they gave me Cipro to take for five days but found that the second strain was resistant to that and switched me to Amox after three days of Cipro and told me to take Amox for another five days. The same day as Amox, I went in again and found out that I had BV and they gave me Metrondazole that I was supposed to take for 7 days. I stopped taking Amox on the forth day because I was having some serious digestive problems as well as finding out that I had a yeast infection at my follow up urine test (which they gave me a single dose of Diflucan).

So I guess what I want to know is if it's really likely for me to have a UTI? The yeast was the only thing they found in my follow up urine culture. I've been going to the restroom quite a bit today but the streams has been pretty strong. I've had a few twinges down there but not necessarily when I've used the restroom so maybe its from the yeast infection? I've also been taking probiotics and cranberry pills today and I've been drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated. I'm really worried that the UTI may have not been cleared completely because of the pressure I sometimes feel around pelvic area. I've taken a test (AZO's UTI test-strip) and it tested positive for Nitrates but negative on Leuk...something. However that may have also been because I didn't wet wipe down there and catch it mid stream like how they say to do in the labs.

No blood in urine (YET) which I'm thankful for because both times before, that's how I knew I had a UTI and was oddly one of the first symptoms. Going to another clinic at my school because it's free to get a urine test but some thoughts?
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