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MMMMonday! What's in a name?

It's MMMMonday! Each Monday, we bring you special, maintainer-curated content intended to enrich your VP experience. Please note that you can find past MMMMonday posts using the "mmmmonday" tag.

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In light of some recent discussion in the media about changing - or not changing - one's name when one marries, Flyover Feminism and Are Women Human are doing a series about names. For reference, the most recent post is this one, by Tawny. Here is a bit of the description of the series:

"We can start our own conversation. We can shift, reshape, and recenter it. And that’s exactly what we’d like to do, hopefully with your help. We want to intentionally and from the outset center people left out of mainstream discussions of naming and identity.

With that in mind, we’re inviting people to share their stories and reflections on what names mean, and what it means to change one’s name. We want to bring together a range of voices – POC, queer, trans, immigrant (not just to the U.S.!), global, nonmonogamous, and the various intersections of these.

We could have done a forum on issues of naming within a specific group or identity – and this is also a much needed discussion. But our specific hope here is to create a forum that shows how rich and complex the relationship between names and identity is, and provide a variety of jumping points for multiple conversations about what names mean."

With that frame in mind (you can read the link above for the full description of the intended discussion as well as an example of the kinds of posts this series features), what are your thoughts on names? What does your name mean to you? How does it relate to your identity? What is the history and context - personal or otherwise- for your name? What would a name change mean to you? Of course we'd love it if you'd share your thoughts here, and you can also submit writing to FF or AWH if you like - the contact info is in the first link.

Happy MMMMonday!
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