...... (dancez_vousavec) wrote in vaginapagina,

Opinions on being a participant in an IUS research study

Hey VPers I was wondering if anyone has ever been in a clinical trial for the medical field? My university has a study going on for a new IUS that needs to be tested for effectiveness. I'm a poor college student and if I did this study I would have free birth control and I also get paid for participating in the study. I've researched the device they are testing and read up on other clinical trials involving it. Nothing bad has happened to patients using the device. Does anyone have any opinion on doing it? Is it a good or bad idea? I want to do it, but I feel I hear so many horror stories about clinical trials. My main concern is that if for some reason it fails, and I get pregnant, will the university pay for any related costs.
Tags: iuds
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