vargeee (vargeee) wrote in vaginapagina,

Help please!

Hey guys,
I have a slight problem. First I'll give you guys backstory, then I will ask my questions.
I take my active birth control pills (LoEstrin24Fe) everyday with in 1-2 hours of the same time from (7-8am). I've been taking them pretty much religiously (2-3 skipped days one or two purposely skipped periods) for about 3 years. I just took my last active pills on Wednesday (3/20). In the days leading up to AND also Wednesday (3/20) I was having condomless sex with my boyfriend. I usually have him pull out on the days leading up to my inactive pills, but on Wednesday morning he forgot. I peed right after sex took my last active pill and thought nothing of it. We had sex again Friday (3/22) night using a condom. Now it's Sunday (3/24), I start my active pills on Monday (3/25) and I have to get my period. This has never happened before. I normally stop my active pills on a Wednesday and get my period on Thursday/Friday. I have been getting one signs of my period, which is increased irritability and sadness, but no cramps or back ache, which I also normally get. I have a period tracker on my smartphone, it's supposedly telling me that I'm getting my period today (3/24).

Should I continue to take my active pills tomorrow (3/25) even if I don't get my period today?
Could I be pregnant?
Should I take a pregnancy test? If so, today? Tomorrow? Should I have already taken one?!

I have been a worried mess since Friday evening and all yesterday. I try not to worry about it because I know intense stress delays my period slightly. But I have been worried none the less. Any insight or advice you guys give me will be ridiculously appreciated! Thank you guys so much in advance!!!
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