teenagehate2 (teenagehate2) wrote in vaginapagina,

switched to mini pill

So, planned parenthood decided to change my birth control from the combined pill to the mini pill. I've been on the combined pill for 7 years!!! I was super pissed. I've had headaches all my life and I mentioned this offhandedly and now they switched my pills on me because of risk of stroke or somethingorother. Consiering I'm not a perfect pill user (take pills late occasionally and miss a pill once in a blue moon) I am very upset about this. Before I try to buy combo pills illegally from Mexico,, I'm trying to weigh my options. Maybe mini pills aren't so bad?
What are yalls experiences with it?
Is it totally unforgiving about taking it late?
Do you have irregular periods (I know EXACTLY what day my period will come on with the combo pill)?
And most importantly...anyone get pregnant on the mini pill?

Thanks guys ! XOXO
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