chekry91 (chekry91) wrote in vaginapagina,

An Unpleasant Question...

Hello to all; and any fellow worriers.

I feel exceedingly uncomfortable asking this, but here goes: this is a penis size/vs vagina depth worry.
Being somewhat of a sexual hypochondriac, I've recently been quite traumatized by sites such as, in regards to what willies can or can't give me this or that orgasm.

So here are the numbers, and the straight-out question:
The depth of my vag is about 13 cm in its relaxed state. Considering that it'll stretch about a further inch and a half, will I be able to experience every and all orgasms, including deep spot and full-body, with the person I love's package, which measures about 15.5 cms (erect)?
This sounds like some ridiculous math problem, but I get very anxious at the idea of not being able to experience everything with my boyfriend. Paradoxically enough, it bothers me far more than it does him, and I feel awful having to bring the subject up. The idea that I either have to sacrifice certain types of pleasure or experience them with someone other than the person I love, pretty much makes me want to curl up into a ball and turn to dust.

Here's hoping this doesn't cause too many exasperated sighs...
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