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So I'm a vvs, vulvodynia and pelvic floor patient having some success with acupuncture and herbs, and I'm about to try some functional medicine. And when I say that this stuff has kind of fallen into the background compared to what's going on now, you should realize just how much it must be impacting my life.
Firstly, I want to say that I haven't seen a doctor yet (my specialist is far away and any other gyn would recommend treatments that would more likely irritate my sensitive skin than help. Steroid creams have made me way worse in the past) for this particular issue. It started about three days ago. I had been awake for about thirty-six hours by the time I attended a concert clad in very tight nylon tights. By the second set I felt like someone was grating my inner and outer labia with sandpaper, like sweat was trapped between my legs and irritating the chafing further. It was awful!
I went home, washed the area with some cold water and applied some Vaseline. Went to sleep. Things on the outside degraded to itchiness during the next couple of days, but then the inner labia began to grow MORE raw and itchy. Now it's swollen, warm (like a radiator) and sensitive, tingly and irritated, very red, too.
I basically am fretting about this: Is this a delayed reaction to chafing or another, freshly hellish version of vulvodynia symptoms that was provoked by the inflammation?
Any thoughts out there? Any reasons why I shouldn't throw myself out the window? Any messages of hope or encouragement? I really need it. This was unbearable two years ago, and now it's so far beyond that. Sometimes I am forced to give myself credit for managing to get out of bed in the morning. I would like to give myself credit for something truly remarkable by normal human standards one of these days.
Keep fighting, my fellow vulva malfunction sufferers! Make sure Western medicine pays attention!

P.S. Anyone who has tried gluten-free type diets or who has a hormonal connection to their syndromes, I am about to embark on a gluten free diet and have my hormone levels tested, and I would like to hear your opinions!
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