sawyerlove (sawyerlove) wrote in vaginapagina,

Possible YI - wait and see or treatment - in Belgium

Hello, VPers. I need your help on a possible YI. I haven't had one in a few years but tonight I'm itching so bad that I want to scrape out my vag. There's some slightly chunky white discharge but not as dramatic as cottage cheese. I didn't notice any smell but I was rather focused on the unbelievable itching.

My question is that my period is due in about two days. Should I wait and see if that fixes it or pick up some garlic tomorrow? I use a Lunette so I really don't want to continually reinfect myself. (I'll probably therefore use tampons this month to reduce the chance of that unless anyone has hints on disinfecting my cup afterwards.) I'm on vacation in Belgium right now so any sort of Monistat seeking would be a little more complicated than at home in the US.

Thank you!
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